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Buy Mimosa Cartridges Online

Buy mimosa cartridges online, lets look at what the packaging says. It claim to be “80-85% thc” also claims to be Lab tested and “100% dank” To begin with ,No lab test sticker or print is on the packaging. To begin with, another user has provid actual test result which hover around 59-60% (test results will be at bottom). The cartridge used is the ALD/iKrusher AC1003 Golden tip. To Another person claim the package for Exotic Cart is sold on Alibaba but I could not find it. Exotic Carts seems to be distribute through instagram and the mail system. I found tons of listings for these specific carts on the darkweb. After looking through weed maps and asking some friends in SoCal to look around, exotic carts are NOT being sold in licensed clubs. There are currently one batch of flavors out. Flavors out:

  •     Strawnana
  •     Grape Pie
  •     Gorilla Glue
  •     Do-Si-Dos
  •     Gelato
  •     Wedding Cake
  •     Sunset Sherbet
  •     Kosher Kush
  •     Mars OG
  •     GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)
  •     Skittles
  •     Cookies & Cream

Exotic Carts is a very popular brand on the east coast from NYC to FL, friends of mine on the ground in SoCal are reporting $15 a g wholesale prices for them on the black market. Moreover, prices on the east coast range from $25-60 a gram depending on who you know. Again, how many you buy at once etc. Buy mimosa cartridges online

To conclude Exotic carts are of vastly superior quality to most carts for sale on the east coast. However, they are 20% lower thc than advertised and have NOT been tested for residual solvents or pesticides. Furthermore, they are worth the gamble if it’s Exotic or a silica wick cartridge but the lack of testing and brand recognition is troublesome.


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